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До наемателите и посетителите в офис сграда Мегапарк - относно ЗАЩИТА ОТ КОРОНА ВИРУС - Изтеглете файла

Инструкции от Министерството на здравеопазването

Our tenants:

9 March 2011 @ 16:42 | Project Development

FOX Channels Bulgaria

Leading name in the international television market, Fox International Channels owns and operates a variety of entertainment channels, as well as an external television channels in all major global markets.

9 March 2011 @ 16:39 | Project Development

STRABAG Bulgaria

STRABAG SE is one of Europe’s leading construction groups. From its core markets of Austria and Germany, STRABAG, via its numerous subsidiaries, is present in all countries of Eastern and South-East Europe, in selected markets in Western Europe, on the Arabian Peninsula, as well as in Canada, Chile, China and India. STRABAG generates approximately 80 % of its construction output in markets in which it holds one of the top three positions. These include the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Romania.

9 March 2011 @ 15:17 | Project Development


LiveNews - 24-Hour Internet media. Hot news - live. Information - in real time. Everything that happens - in one place. News: politics, society, criminal, world, business, technology, culture and style - live as it happens. Reviews, analysis, interviews, reports and investigations - from the malice of the day without spices and sweeteners.

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Since its incorporation, back in 1998, Deltastock has been providing integrated online trading services to clients from all segments, leveraging on technology, innovation and human resources, and adopting the best ethical practices.

9 March 2011 @ 15:13 | Project Development

SIS Technology

SIS Technology AD is a leading company in the field of software technologies – consultations, research, development, integration and support of software products, combined with offers of high-quality specialized hardware.


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